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The purpose of the association is to bring
tenants together to improve conditions for
all renters in the Valley.

Tenants represent approximately 40% of the
residents living in Santa Clara County, but
have few rights, derive no long-term
benefits from the outrageous rents they
pay, and have little security.

This situation will not change unless local
and state lawmakers hear from renters that
they are not happy. Organized and well
funded lobbyists already represent landlords.
The Association seeks to leverage the one
advantage renters have: their numbers.
It is estimated that there are 500,000 renters
in Santa Clara County. These types of numbers
are enough to overcome the financial and
organizational advantages currently enjoyed
by landlords, but only if renters work together.

Right now, the Association is focusing on
recruiting new members, but in the near future,
we will be planning local political actions to
bring such things as rent control, just cause
evictions, rental deposit assistance programs
and other programs beneficial for tenants.

Our Mission Statement

The Santa Clara County Tenants Association
is a member-drive, grass roots organization
that seeks to call attention to important political
issues and questions that affect all renters.
It seeks to equalize the relationship between
and tenant and prevent the unfair treatment
of any tenant.

Are you tired of large rent increases, poor service, deteriorating conditions and other challenges faced by the Valley's tenants?

A Word from the Webmaster

Not only am I the author of these webpages but, I
am also a founding member of the Santa Clara
County Tenants Association. Hi my name is
Paul! I have been a resident of Sunnyvale for 12
years. I have seen the demise of many a dotcom, I
have seen a lot of residents move out of the area, I
have seen a lot of places for rent or sale. One thing
I don't understand after talking with many
leaders in the community is how avarice
continues to be so prevelant in our Valley. Luckily
there are quite a few people in this area who are
willing to take a stand against these things and it
would mean a lot to me personally if you could
go to the sign-up portion of our pages and speak
your peace right now!

Sign-Up Now!
You can Contact Us at:

C/O SEIU Local 715
2960 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95134
(408) 819-2582

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